11/09 - 27/10/19

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© Alex GD, series Obsolescence, 2018

“Obsolescence” is a portfolio of digital photographs that retraces the photographer’s personal experience working as a production-line operator* in a Belgian factory. Production-line operators have to follow strictly various procedures involving various series of tasks.

They work closely with other operators and with pre-programmed machines to perform each defined series of tasks. To reach performance targets, the operators have to immerse themselves in the roles of “person-machine” and to adapt to a linear, straightforward and error-free method of working.

“Obsolescence” is the result of this experience.

This photographic portfolio attempts to reveal the traces, however small, left by individuals in a factory that aims at absolute neutrality.

The portfolio has been constructed using an image classification system that uses a four-group graphic code (and perhaps another indefinable factor):

- body
- repetition
- mosaic
- process

Alex GD. Translation: Chris Bourne.


*An industrial production line operator operates and monitors one or more machines used to manufacture, convert or finish products.

This portfolio was Highly Commended by the jury at the “Propositions d’artistes” competition in 2018.


© Alex GD, series Obsolescence, 2018