28/03 - 30/05/18

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© Antoine Grenez, series Tracks, 2017

The photos in the “Tracks” collection, were all taken during a single, ten-day trip to Finland, when I walked around the surroundings of Helsinki.

The landscape is constantly changing: every night, the tracks are covered with snow and it becomes a blank page again. The snow acts like a memory and records the tracks made by humans and animals. I take photos like a detective who works to recreate something from his imagination. My search for clues makes me lower my gaze, a bit like an archaeologist at a dig. The cold stops time; immobile, everlasting flowers and trees are its main witnesses. The snow dazzles and imposes its power of abstraction on the natural world; absence and emptiness merely emphasise the blackness of the pine trees, whose verticality detaches them from the background. In the North, nature is in power.

“A snow-covered landscape gives off a sublime sense of absence, a hole in the ice becomes a hole in the image.”

All the photos in this collection are digital prints and their size varies in proportion to the exhibition space. They are printed on Matt Bond paper.

Antoine Grenez
Translation: Chris Bourne



© Antoine Grenez, series Tracks, 2017