This is not America
23/11/16 - 15/01/17

Closed from 24. 12. 16 to 3. 01. 17 included

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Benjamin Leveaux, series "This is not America", 2015, 50 x 50 cm

This series offers an interpretation, among others, of the combination of the photographer’s imaginings with those of the people whose photos make up the series – photographed across Belgium.
Each image was created in Belgium, mostly in the Province of Liège.

The photographer’s avowed intention is to play on illusions, even those which transport his audience to another continent, but only if the audience consent to be transported.
Or at least that is the journey on which the photographer invites them, by evoking his own daydreams from the handful of years he spent growing up in the wide open spaces of Canada. Indeed, the title “This is not America” offers his audience a clue, or even a warning, that they will begin to question and examine their own selves while looking at these images.

Translation: Chris Bourne

Benjamin Leveaux's work received a Mention from the jury of the “2015 Artists’ Propositions” contest
at Contretype.

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