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Elodie Ledure, from series Apnée, 2008, 20 x 30 cm

Born in Liège in 1985, Elodie Ledure is a photographer who combines in her work a strong attraction for the incongruous beauty of the landscape and her peculiar feelings about interior spaces and the built environment. Her photography is aerial and artistic as much as documentary: it describes the contours of its own universe and writings, made up of minor fragilities, offbeat observations and aspirations to wide open spaces. She has lived in Switzerland and the Czech Republic and has had a go at studio and news media photography. Her photos have been exhibited regularly in Belgium, France (at the Circulations Festival) and in the Netherlands. In 2014, Yellow Now published her first book Apnée, shortly after her completion of an imposing set of images of Liège architecture, published by Mardaga.

Emmanuel d’Autreppe
Translation: Chris Bourne

Web Site: www.elodieledure.com

Elodie Ledure’s work received a Mention from the jury of the “2014 Artists’ Propositions” contest at Contretype.

Elodie Ledure, Apnée


Crisnée, Publisher: Yellow Now, Collection: Côté photo/Angles vifs #18, 2015
Size: 17 x 21 cm - 112 pages - hardcover
70 Illustrations in four-color process. Texts from d’Elodie Ledure and
Emmanuel d’Autreppe. Photographies: Elodie Ledure
ISBN 978-2-87340-357-7 - Price: 23 €.