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Les extraterrestres ont mangé mon jardin
Extraterrestrials ate my garden
12/09 - 4/11/18

Français | NL


© Elsa Stubbé, series Les extraterrestres ont mangé mon jardin, 2017

This is a photographic portfolio that mixes together images from my frequent wanderings through nature reserves or places where the landscape has been returned it to its original wild state, and archive images from popular-science publications.

I began this ongoing project at the end of 2016. It is a poetic, personal study of the imaginary world and story-telling based on the natural world, and the link between them and humankind in Western culture. It shows how the natural world has influenced our story-telling and thus our imagination, and how both of these have in turn influenced our natural landscapes.

Against the current background of our imaginations “trapped” in outdated Romanticism, of our relationship with the “wild” and our conferring of sacred status on the wilderness, here I am trying to create new, non-linear stories, whose ends are merely the beginnings of something new. Thus, each viewer of my images can re-order them as he or she likes.

Elsa Stubbé was born in 1991, and now lives and works in Liège. She was awarded a Diploma in Photography by the Ilya Prigogine Free College of Brussels (HELB Prigogine) in 2015 and a Diploma in Publishing by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (ARBA-ESA) in Brussels in 2017.

Since 2016, she has completed three self-published photography projects: Extra-Terrestrials Ate my Garden, Rapid Eye Movement and Astronomy of the Undergrowth.

Her projects have moved towards imaginary subjects, in particular a quest for an imagination that crosses its own boundaries. Astronomy of the Undergrowth examines the construction of a community on the margins of our Society. Rapid Eye Movement delves deeper into the limits of imagination and into the world of dreams, flouting the spaces of the real world. Then, finally, her current project, which is still a work in progress, Extra-Terrestrials Ate my Garden is an attempt at poetic narration outside the traditional linear structure, on the scale of the natural world, which includes as many stories as infinity can contain.
Through these projects, she looks into our relationship as human beings with the natural world, particularly its influence on our imaginations.

In addition to photography, her main medium, she also works in other media, including her own creative writing and her graphical additions to archive texts and images.

Translation: Chris Bourne