La Mue/The Sloughing
28/01 - 22/03/2015

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Emilia Stéfani-Law, from series La Mue, 2013, 40 x 40 cm

Emilia Stéfani-Law was born in Paris in 1979. She obtained a diploma in Photography from the Ecole supérieure des Arts visuels “Le 75” in Brussels, and then worked in various roles in photography and its margins before spending three years making more and more frequent trips to North America – these comings and goings inspired her double volume of images White Days/Le Refuge (over there and here, or at least how she coped with it in her mind) published last year by Yellow Now.

Her work has already been exhibited in Belgium, including at The Bathroom at Contretype, which was a sort of ante-room in those days. She is an expert at intimate and allusive photography, which could also be called atmospheric or autobiographical, through its tangents and tiny touches.
Emilia Stéfani-Law has chosen to call her new solo exhibition “La Mue” (“The Sloughing”). Should we see in its images a turning, a revolution, the shedding of a skin? Or perhaps rather a surge, the gradual, frank and direct awareness of other people, of exteriority and otherness, which follow each other in, and also become allies of, a world initially experienced through projection and representation. A little less rose-coloured, surrounded by a little less grey, and also a little less solitude.

Inextricable plant-like surfaces where lines dissolve into powder and lose themselves rather than tracing a path…

Faces, most often of children and young people: we do not know if they were captured at the moment they were constructing their images or when they were letting them image go, nor if they were still or moving, but they appear to be hesitating between floating attitudes and moods.

Large flat surfaces of light, that you have to scrutinise from close up to discern the nuance and the subject, like a solitary skin which hates the cold, but which, almost imperceptibly, moves and shivers.

Timid breakthroughs into the legendary wide open spaces of America under the soft, washed-out glow of a polaroid; the allusion to another world creates new encounters, new chapters in a story with neither a beginning nor an end.

And then softness, again and forever, again and despite everything, without wearying. The softness of touch, of a look at the moment you look someone in the face, or of a word at the no less delicate moment when you turn your back.

If all photography is a sort of sloughing - a peeling-off of a layer of real life thanks to a new sensitivity – perhaps we should also consider, without bitterness, that, at the end of the day all sloughings are also nothing but images. And that is what is at stake! But these images can also represent fragility and beauty.

Some photographers take photos to reinforce their beliefs, others to question or challenge them. Perhaps Emilia’s reason for taking photos is to protect herself and to free herself from the certainties
of others.

Emmanuel d’Autreppe
Curator and publisher
Translation: Chris Bourne


Presentation of "White Days/Le Refuge", double volume book by Emmanuel d’Autreppe and Emilia Stéfani-Law, on Tuesday February 10 2015, at 7 pm, at Contretype.


Emilia Stéfani-Law, White Days/Le Refuge
Crisnée, Yellow Now Publisher, Collection: Côté photo/Angles vifs, 2013. Size: 21 x 17 cm.
2 volumes, 48 et 72 pages under soft cover box – 90 Illustrations in four-color process.
Texts and photographies: Emilia Stéfani Law. ISBN 978-2-87340-343-0.
Price: 23 €.

Emilia Stéfani-Law was born in Paris in 1979.
She lives and works in Brussels

Photography at l’Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels "le 75", Brussels (1999-2002)

White Days/Le Refuge (2 volumes box). Crisnée, Yellow Now Publisher, Collection: Côté photo/Angles vifs, 2013. Size: 21 x 17 cm. In two volumes, 48 et 72 pages, under soft cover box – 90 Illustrations in four-color process.Texts and photographies: Emilia Stéfani Law. ISBN 978-2-87340-343-0.


«Le refuge», La part du feu Gallery, Brussels
«Bouteilles à la mer...» Marchin Cultural Center

«Rien de plus, rien de moins». In collaboration with Olivier Cornil, at Contretype, Brussels

5th Rencontres photographiques en Condroz
Contretype, «Propositions d'artistes 2011

«Littoral», Jacques Franck Cultural Center, during L'Eté de la photographie, Brussels
«Des polaroids/des amis», during Jacky Lecouturier collective exhibition, Les Brasseurs, Liège, Belgium
«Entre chien et loup», De Markten (Brussels), organized by Les Brasseurs (Liège, Belgium)

«In Focus», International Photography Festival, Vilnius, Lituany

«Expoexpress», Chappes Gallery, Paris

«Issues», Neï Liicht Gallery, Dudelange, Luxembourg
«Histoire du livre», salon du livre d’artiste, La Cambre, Brussels
RIP d'Arles/in, slideshow

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«La caravelle verte», slideshow Voies Off, Arles
With collectif X°, festival «Extramundi-Lille 2004»
«La caravelle verte», Slideshow at Biennale d’art contemporain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

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«Le végétal», Ath Cultural Center, Belgium
«N’admettez jamais à vos enfants de jouer dans ou dans les environs de votre machine à laver», Salon lavoir Lessivit, Group exhibition, Brussels

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