Je ne t'aime plus
7/06 - 3/09/17

closed from 19 July to 15 August incl.

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© Fabien Mathieu, series "Je ne t'aime plus", 2015

Basically, my works gravitate around my family and close friends, and the stories I invent out of them. The randomness of our lives inspires me to imagine and create scripts which could be taken from movies, but which never attempt to become real ones.

Out of a real movie, the main line is about the narration in the heart of it; my work would be more about everything that comes around: the scripts, the casts, the film stills and some orphan scenes.

I wouldn’t say I’m completely just a photographer – either a movie-maker -, I am just trying through my work to explore all the possibilities to tell stories out of everyday lives. All the popular culture, the things I see in life, the messages I receive, the websites I visit, the people I meet, the Internet, all of these participate to feed my imagination.

Fabien Mathieu

Fabien Mathieu’s work obtained a special mention from the jury at “Propositions d’artistes 2016” organised by Contretype.