Sur le fil du rasoir
25/01 - 19/03/17

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© Félix Colardelle, “Portrait d’Ahmed”, from series “Sur le fil du rasoir”, 2015-2016, 45 x 30 cm

The sensationalism of press photos which erect horror into show in order to move us to compassion or indignation ends up by trivializing evil. In the continuous flow of information, each new image that sweeps over another one makes us forget the previous reality. These images end up having nothing to offer to the seated audience other than a sequence of volatile emotions. They do not allow us to take time to reflect.

Considering the counterattack of this approach, the choice to photograph the “jungle” in the large format camera imposed itself as evidence. It wasn’t a matter of witnessing the misery of refugees in
another manner, but of gaining their trust through its use. Photography acted here also as a pretext justifying my presence amongst them in order to express my solidarity to them and my disapproval concerning the way they were being treated. Beyond several questionings that this arose within me, portraying the inhabitants of the camp was first of all a way of creating a bond, of getting in touch with them. The photographic result of this démarche is the unfinished record of time devoted to the encounter with these left behind. I haven’t been to Calais to tell what happens there, but to listen to what these women and these men had to teach me.

These photographs do not eliminate the degrading conditions in which these refugees survive, nor do they assure them a more radiant future, as some of them maybe imagine. They’re nothing but the residue of some encounter, but they humbly invite to reinvent the bond that brought me together with them, hoping that the spectator shall take time to question himself and manage his own introspection in front of these lives which are on a razor’s edge.

(F.C.). Translation: Valentina Carnelutti.

Félix Colardelle’s work received a Mention from the jury of the “2016 Artists’ Propositions” contest at Contretype.

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