Sans sommeil
28/03 - 30/05/18

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© Jade VARIDEL, series Sans sommeil, 2016-2017

In 1885, King Leopold II of the Belgians appropriated for himself a vast region of central Africa, which remained his private property until 1908, under the name of the Congo Free State. In 1908, following virulent criticism in Belgium and abroad, the King ceded the territory to the Belgian government:
it was known as the Belgian Congo until 1960.

What remains today?

From the Institute of Tropical Medecine in Antwerp to the Museum of African Life in Namur, via the arcades of the Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels, Sans Sommeil (Without Sleep) explores the remains of this colonial history that bears witness to a military, administrative, social and cultural system of domination.

My questioning of colonial history began with around a hundred letters. They were typed by my paternal grandmother as communications with her relatives in Europe in which she shares her experiences as a mother of children and the wife of a missionary pastor in West Africa.

Jade Varidel.
Translation: Chris Bourne.

Website: www.jadevaridel.com


© Jade VARIDEL, series Sans sommeil, 2016-2017