Walking With the Dogs
21/09 - 13/11/16

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Jean-Marc Chapa, from series Walking With the Dogs, 2011-2016, 90 x 60 cm

“Walking With the Dogs" is a journey through life. At its heart is a series of encounters, but the images also touch on my desire to discover and affirm my unique “photographic language”. My use of a simple, traditional, compact camera, a blend of colour and monochrome and a combination of direct flash and natural light all contribute to an unusual, intimate, personal documentary style. This series is a head-on exploration of the derisory nature of the human condition in all its chaos, mystery and solitude. Beautiful and ugly, animal and vegetable, banal and marginal are treated in the same way in a sort of photographic dialogue between beating hearts in close combat.

This series is the fruit of five years of photographic wanderings around the major cities of Western Europe. I never tire of observing the beauty, strangeness and diversity of the world that surrounds us. My work has no specific social message as such, my intention is rather to surprise and shock my audience. Sometimes my work is dark, in the same way that poetry or a daring attempt to dig down to the discomfort of thought can be. Then, underneath, is desire, the golden thread of the series, be it young or old, new or used, moral or immoral: it is in any case the ultimate sign that we are still alive...”

Jean-Marc Chapa

Exhibition curator: Emmanuel d’Autreppe

Jean-Marc Chapa, Walking With the Dogs
Crisnée and Brussels, Yellow Now Publisher and Contretype, 2016.
Words: Emmanuel d’Autreppe and Jean-Marc Chapa (in English).
Size: 23,5 x 15,5 cm, 200 pages.
Pictures in B/W and colors.
ISBN: 9782873403942.
Price: 28 €.


Jean-Marc Chapa was born in 1964, and lives and works in Liège. Having obtained a Diploma in Photography from l'Ecole Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc, he went on to do several jobs, while continuing to take photos in his spare time, developing his passion, experimenting and pushing his limits, as a curious anti-conformist.

In recent years his work has been exhibited several times, both in solo and collective shows. In 2010, his first book of mainly smartphone photos,
Implosions, was published by Les Ateliers d’Art Contemporain. To accompany this major solo exhibition at Contretype in Brussels, his second book of photos, Walking With the Dogs, is published by Yellow Now.