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Léonard Pongo, from series The Uncanny, 2013, 40 x 30 cm

"The Uncanny" is a documentary project made in the Democratic Republic of Congo following the elections in 2011. The project was developed in close collaboration with members of my family, politicians, pastors and local television channels, and it concentrates on daily life in a country that has been suffering collateral damage from civil wars for more than 20 years. It shows inner conflicts, reflected through the intimate links developed with many people, who gave me access to their private, personal lives.

Léonard Pongo
Translation: Chris Bourne

Léonard Pongo’s work received a Mention from the jury of the “2014 Artists’ Propositions” contest at Contretype.

Léonard Pongo born in1988. Lives and works in Brussels.

Experiences and projects:

June 2008
“Faultlines, Paris Culture", exhibition at Maastricht University, Netherlands

September - December 2008
“Eastern Spirits”, documentary Project on the meaning and limits of Eastern Europe (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania)

June 2010
“Solitude is bliss”, documentary project on the Belgian landscape and sense of place

October - December 2011
“The Necessary Evil”, photographic documentary on independent churches in Congo DR

“A Certain Kind of Energy”, photographic documentary on society and identity in Congo DR

May-June 2012
Selected for group exhibition by Canvas Collectie contest. Exhibited at Palace of Fine Arts, Brussels

November 2012
“Children”, documentary series on the situation of children facing challenging living conditions in the Balkans, Kosovo

February 2013
Completion of “The Necessary Evil”, short film on faith and power in Congo DR, showing and debate at “Théâtre 2.21” and “Cinéma Oblo”, Lausanne, Switzerland

April 2013
“A Certain Kind of Energy”, solo exhibition and booklaunch at Hors Format Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

September - December 2013

The Uncanny”, photographic series on daily life in Congo DR carried out during artist residency for Lumbumbashi Art Biennale, Lubumbashi, Congo DR

September - December 2014
“The Uncanny”, exhibition in Basel, Addis Ababa, Dublin, Lagos, Wien, Cape Town, and Mindelo as winner of “POPCAP14” (Basel, Switzerland)

November-December 2014
Angkor Photo Festival 2014, selected photographer, Siem Reap, Cambodia, Siem Reap, Cambodia

March 2015
Conference on photographic and video work at Recyclart Art Center, Brussels, Belgium

April 2015
"The Uncanny", exhibition at Contretype, art gallery, Brussels, Belgium

May 2015
Lodz Fotowestival 2015, selected photographer, Lodz, Poland

July 2015
Showing of “The Necessary Evil” during Arles Photo Festival at Manuel Rivera Ortiz Fundation, France


September 2012
A Certain Kind of Energy”, self-published photo-book released (limited edition of 30)

November 2014
“The Uncanny”,
online publication in “The Guardian” UK

Web Site: www.lpongo.eu