Coupe sombre
29/03 - 28/05/17

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© Louise Narbo, “Le vieux manteau/Montrouge”, 2001

Louise Narbo was born in Algeria just after the end of the Second World War. At the end of another war, the Algerian war of independence, she moved with her family to Paris, where she has lived since 1962.

Her sensitive nature rapidly drove her to work on the intimate, the banal and the little things of everyday life. Louise wrote “just a few words” in her notebooks “so that text and photography can meet” and she integrated them years later into the models she loves to make. Nevertheless, she moved forward for a long time very carefully, in a series of separate, almost airtight, chapters: “Orphaned objects” evokes the loss of her parents, their place and their belongings.
“Photos of memory” speaks of the pain of being deprived of, and far away from, her country of birth.
“That which is not written” tackles the difficult abandonment of the ideal of love, inherited from a timeless or fantastical past. Three breaks in total, from which arose the evident need to create something else.

From our encounter was born the certainty that these three series could, nay should, become one around the universal theme of mourning – which seemed, if not to bind them together then at least
to burrow through them underground.

And a work is often a sketch of reconstruction. But also a way of distancing herself. Here, already, through her practice of mixing together. But also because, in Louise’s work, a text is never written to fit an image, nor vice-versa. They are “unlinked”, supporting each other but separate and they bring fiction to her narration, as she freely admits.

Extracted from Emmanuel d’Autreppe’s text in: “Louise Narbo: Coupe sombre”, published by Editions Yellow Now, Crisnée, 2012.

Translation: Chris Bourne.



Louise Narbo, Coupe sombre
Crisnée, éditions Yellow Now, 2012
Textes de Louise Narbo et Emmanuel d’Autreppe
Format: 17 x 12 cm
108 pages imprimées en noir et blanc
couverture souple.
ISBN: 978-2-87340-310-2
Prix de vente: 16 €.

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