Marie Mons
I'll Be Your Mirror
16/09 - 08/11/20

Fr | NL


© Marie Mons, I'll be your mirror, 2017. Silver print, 50 x 50 cm

I like to put photography at the center of my experiments.Having suffered from looks given by others, the self-portrait enables me some distancing.

By exploring virgin territories, I offer something else to be seen, thus af rming the right to difference. Inspired by tales and legends, my personal life and my fantasies, I chose to portray water and the sacred as a means of returning to the source of identity.Beyond time, it is a genesis that we can discover in the ow of water, its re ection like the mirror image of oneself through another.Only the cable release connects me to the camera and to everyday reality, putting me in the position of creator of a world where difference becomes the norm.

These traditional lm photographs were created, and some of them were printed, during the Meetings of Young International Photographers at the Villa Pérochon Centre for Contemporary Photography at Niort, France. The nearby Marais Poitevin Nature Reserve provided most of the settings for this portfolio.

Marie Mons
Translation: Paul Muse

Marie Mons portfolio received a Jury Commendation at the “Propositions d’artistes”
competition in 2019.