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Massao Mascaro, from series Ramo, 2013-2014

"Quella città mi è stata causa e io sono uno dei suoi effetti."
“This city has been a cause and I am one of its effects.”

Erri de Luca

My work is concerned with memory and the roots of my family tree. My family are immigrants from Calabria in the South of Italy.

In Calabria, there are countless, immobile fruit trees, surrounded by a confused mass of undergrowth, thrusting upwards in a tangled mass. A chaos of thorny, ancient, twisted and bent branches cut by the scalpel of light, tentacles which catch the sky and weave a link between heaven and earth.

The grey sky of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, “land of welcome and work” greeted the arrival in December 1956 of Tommaso e Teresa, my grandparents, and their nonni, a daughter aged five, mamma, and her brother, zio. They travelled on a one-way ticket, solo andata.

The ochre earth of their home village, Pianopoli, “the village on the plain”, created after a landslide following an earthquake in 1870.


Separated from the original village on the side of the mountain, detatched from the sky, closer to the earth. Today the mountain overlooks the village and the fertile countryside cradles it.

Between these two silences is the impudent dialect, the song of simmering saucepans "se magna", the snap of cards thrown onto the table from fists as the men play 'a scopa.

Massao Mascaro

Massao Mascaro’s work received a Mention from the jury of the “2013 Artists’ Propositions” contest at Contretype.

Translator: Chris Bourne

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Massao Mascaro was born in 1990 in France.

He lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

Graduate from ESA "le 75" in 2013.

Co-founder of "La Grotte", photographer's group.


Ramo (+ a self-published book, in 2013).



La Grotte #1


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