Horsehead Nebula
2/12/15 - 27/01/16

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Matthieu Litt, from series Horsehead Nebula, 2013

Over there, there are so many horses that they don’t even have a name.
This area of the Faristan, wild, unknown and so fantasied,
is a mix between beauty and wildness landlocked between mountains.
It’s a quest for the sublime, the distance, but also the imagery and
beliefs that are related with it.

It’s like making an awaken dream come true.
It’s like catching the feelings of this terrestrial paradise,
where the borders are as entangled as the mountain ranges that define them.

It’s a state between awareness and imaginary, between the quest and the feeling
of already knowing these spaces where the environment forges the people.

A hesitation between mirage and reality appearing on the horizon,
probably because we are more open to being surprised.


Matthieu Litt, from series Horsehead Nebula, 2013

Matthieu Litt’s work received a Mention from the jury of the “2014 Artists’ Propositions” contest
at Contretype.



Matthieu Litt, Horsehead Nebula
Publisher: Mathieu Litt, 300 copies.
Size: 19,5 x 16 cm -128 pages.
Soft cover.
Photographies: Matthieu Litt.
Illustrations in four-color process, offset
+ inserts duotone black & gold.
Graphic design: Matthieu Litt.
Price: 29 €