Noli me tangere
20/03 - 5/05/2012
The Bathroom

Mickaël Soyez, from series Noli me tangere

“The more he walked towards this deceptive image of the island’s coast, the more the image moved away from him; it seemed to flee ahead of him and all he could do was believe in this flight.”

From Fénelon’s The Adventures of Telemachus, Son of Ulysses.

Do not hold me back.
Noli me tangere uses photographic views and gestures as a sort of delayed touch, and attempts to grab the unstoppable movement of moving bodies and the urgency of meetings, from the difficulty of abandoning oneself in a look to the caress of the world. Noli me tangere is part of a series under construction.

Mickaël Soyez

Translation: Chris Bourne

Mickaël Soyez, from series Noli me tangere

Mickaël Soyez was one of 2012 Propositions d'artistes prize winner. He obtained a special mention from the jury.


Limited edition: 5 editions only, numbered and signed

Digital print

Size: 27 x 60 cm

90 pages, 2013

Price: 150 Euros, at Contretype's bookstore

Mickaël SOYEZ is born in 1987. He lives and works in Brussels.

Photographic career:

2011: École supérieure des Beaux-arts, Toulouse (ISDAT) : Technical Assistant at the Video Section.

2011: National High Degree in Plastic Expression (DNSEP), École supérieure des Beaux-arts, Toulouse, special mention for his personal comitment.

Artistic Activities:

Noli me Tangere, exhibition at Espace photographique Contretype, Brussels.
2013: Exhibition at Contemporary Photographic Art Center at Niort (France), La Villa Pérochon, followed by a Residency with Denis Dailleux.
Parc, text written for the Pillow books installation of Cassandre Poirier-Simon, exhibited at the Geneva University of Art and Design.
Oranger la nuit, stage play, written for the Dimanche vacarme Company, payed at Théâtre 2 l’Acte, Toulouse.
Le marin, monologue, read by Sébastien Lange at the Cave poésie, Toulouse.
About Decline from Gaël Bonnefon, Château d’Eau Publishing. Editor of the introduction « Élégie du quotidien ».
Faire Naufrage (narrative effort, 200 pages), written with the support of Yves Caro, plastic artist.
Soliloques, vidéo, 13 mn, at « Vitrines », Toulouse.
L’île, vidéo, 9 mn, at the « Screen-A-Light » Festival, Tarbes.