Through Nowhere - Brutal Unfeelingness
23/11/16 - 15/01/17

Closed from 24. 12. 16 to 3. 01. 17 included

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© Nagib Chtaib, series “Through Nowhere - Brutal Unfeelingness”, 2015, 100 x 70 cm

We are at the meeting point of bodies without faces, anonymous faces and unsolvable enigmas.

This series’ theme is the undefined that spreads around the absent, based on mystery and creating
an exchange between pictorial codes and specifically photographic experiments.
It reveals an eclectic, electric universe, where intrigue and fascination reign. An enquiry on the magnetism of enigmas as the basis of an obsession for images.

Scattered here and there are clues to an inevitable spectacle, whose infinite fate seems to be concealed by the plastic, narrative elements, as if sealed within the deafening world of images and
the infinite off-camera fields, which offer the experience of a visual uneasiness that attacks logic.
Images which harass.

The central themes of irreverence and the search for identity drive the rebellious attitudes, extravagances, experiments, worries and passions of the disorientated creatures depicted.
They bring dramatic, spectacular and uncertain consequences. Creatures with a taste for risks.

Set against the rhythm of mechanisms to plunge us into the abyss and psychological manipulations, this explosive, fragmented adventure attempts to explore the delicate world of the emotions behind our actions, while, perhaps, at the same time awakening unsuspected, complex instincts.

Translation: Chris Bourne

Nagib Chtaib’s work received a Mention from the jury of the “2015 Artists’ Propositions” contest
at Contretype.

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