13/9 - 5/11/17

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© Paul Hennebelle, from series "Transeo", 2016, 90 x 60 cm

“Moving house many times in my childhood removed any attachment I could have had to places. To be from everywhere is also to be from nowhere.
Transeo means to travel from one place to another.”

Is the place you are from a specific physical place or rather a collection of memories, places and encounters?
Paul Ricoeur suggests that our problems of personal identity can be resolved by story-telling. Telling your own story allows you to affirm your identity: between history and fiction, between a feeling of belonging and one of denial, this exploration is an attempt to answer my question and to say “there is where I come from”.

Paul Hennebelle’s work was commended by the jury at “Propositions d’artistes” in 2016.

Born in New York City in 1992, and holding French-American dual citizenship, he lives and works in Brussels. He studied photography at the ESA “Le 75” in Brussels.


Paul Hennebelle, Transeo
Paul Hennebelle (words and photographs), «Transeo», Brussels,
self-published with the help from Contretype, 2017.
Size: 27 x 18 cm, 72 pages,
printing: risograph, Munken Lynx 150 gr paper, cover 290 gr,
limited to 100 copies, numbered and signed by the artist.
Price: 25 euros.