City Of
7/06 - 3/09/17

closed from 19 July to 15 August incl.

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© Pierre Toussaint, from series “City Of”, 2014

Cities have always been my favourite playgrounds. Even before I got started in photography, I dreamed about New York. As my career progressed, the need to visit this great city became more and more pressing.

This project began during my first visit to New York, in the spring of 2014, during which I did a course in analogue photographic printmaking at the Griffin Editions laboratory. Most of my benchmarks at the time came from Street Photography, and so this first visit was a sort of photographic pilgrimage.

I returned to New York in the summer of the same year, this time freed from the commitments of my first trip, but still with the same basic objective as a photographer: to make myself completely available so that I could make the photographic equivalent of working drawings that went back to basics. Without any constraints, I was finally able to wander free through those streets as I had longed to do for so long. This project is thus the fruit of my first two photographic trips, which confirmed to me that New York was an excellent pretext for developing my approach.

Pierre Toussaint. Translation: Chris Bourne.

Pierre Toussaint's work received a Mention from the jury of the “2016 Artists’ Propositions” contest
at Contretype.

Website: www.pierretoussaint.be